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AmbreJade Empire Introduces

Femdom Fitness

A space for submissive individuals to combine their needs and focus on improving their health and wellness.

Femdom Fitness

Are you ready to use your submissive nature to improve your physical well-being? Do you need someone to push you hard, dominate you into healthier habits? I am here to push you, dominate you, manipulate you into being better!

Included packages or create your own

Aspects of Femdom Fitness

These are just some of the benefits from working with AmbreJade. Don’t forget the most important of all, when you successfully complete a task, like a good boy, you will be rewarded.

Workout Programs

Fitness Training

Find the workout that is right for you. Custom and standard plans available.

Personal Support

Virtual Training

Receive personalised support for you fitness goals. Bossy Femdom to push you harder than you could imagine.

Progress Tracking

See the change

Watch the changes as you spend more time with the Fitness Domme, AmbreJade.

Hire AmbreJade

Femdom Fitness Personal Trainer

There is no better way to move your submissive ass than to devote your time to Femdom Fitness

  • Personalised Workout
  • Virtual Training
  • Eating protocol audits
  • Progress tracking
  • Rewards for good boys who follow
Fitness benefits for slaves and submissives

Femdom Control for a Healthier submissive

Give in to changing your life for the better. Change your physical self to reflect the good boy you are inside. Excuses will not be tolerated.